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Lån penge selvom du er på su

In connection with the study period, the economy is often tight, and in some cases it may be necessary to have a loan in order to keep the business together. Whether it's a good idea to borrow money depends a lot on the individual's situation, what housing costs are in the area where you study and whether it is possible to have a study job next to it. Should you have a loan, there are several options. 

SU loans (student loans) 

This loan is clearly the cheapest and should always be the first one to choose. To get an SU loan you must receive SU in connection with your education. If this requirement is met you can easily get this type of loan. The interest rate is very low and the repayment terms are also good. In fact, more people choose to speculate in the low interest rates and use the loan either for investment or for example house purchases.


loans Bank loans are the next option if you are a student and either already have SU loans or are not entitled to it because you do not receive SMSkviklånIf the bank wants to join a loan often depends on your relationship with the bank and your general economy, but by meeting with the bank and explaining the situation they are often talking to. If they do not agree to lend money, the alternative may be to change banks if you find one that is willing to give a loan. 

Quick loan / interest rate loan 

These loans are often more expensive in interest rates and if you need to take this type of SMS kviklån you should first look at your private economy and assess if there are some places you can save instead. If you are determined to take such a loan then you should check the market well as there may be a big difference between the interest rates on the individual loans. Always remember to compare OPP (annual percentage rate) and not just the percentage most commonly advertised.


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